About the Company

Since being founded in 1992, UltraCam Designs has been providing consulting and product development services to the telecommunications, consumer, sports and computer industries. We have more than 40 years of experience in system level architecting, high speed / low EMI digital design, complex mixed signal ASIC design, and project management. We have a long term relationship in Silicon Valley with numerous distributors, representatives, foundries and other contracting services. We pride ourselves in providing high quality designs for projects where time-to-market is critical. We can handle a broad range of development needs including feasibility proto-types, architectural design, FPGA prototyping, ASIC and Wireless (WiFi/802.11b/g/n, GSM, Bluetooth/BLE, ZigBee, ANT) development, embedded S/W, PCB design and release to manufacturing. Additional resources are available as needed to handle other aspects of your project such as software, mechanical, compliance and regulatory testing/approval and signal integrity analysis.

Rick Adolf, Founder

Rick has more than 30 years in the electronics industry. He has both the ground-level, hands-on technical expertise and the high level process view. Rick's experience ranges from designing the world's first DMT DSL modem, multi-core mixed signal ASICs, fiber optic transmission systems, working at startups (Amati, Explore Technologies acquired by LeapFrog Enterprises) to VP of R&D ASIC (LeapFrog Enterprises) and managing hardware departments (Telebit) with budgets of more than $7M. Rick holds a BSEE from the University of Alberta, Canada and patent #20040224775 for an interactive handheld device.

Julie Willey, Staff Engineer

Julie has worked in the field of hardware design for over 10 years. As a technical lead and designer at LeapFrog Enterprises, she has successfully taken products from marketing concept to mass production, effectively working across departments to drive projects to successful completion. Projects range from proof-of-concept prototypes to design for high volume production. She has also successfully re-designed products, created and implemented processes to ensure products meet EMI compliance and regulatory tests. Julie holds a BSEE from SJSU, and patent #20080043001 for an electro-graphic writing stylus.

Allan Hessenflow, Sr. Embedded Software Engineer

Allan has thirty years of experience designing hardware and software. His projects have included graphics display systems, 3D displays, laserdiscs, robotics, ISDN/MPEG video conferencing systems, image processing software, laser printer controllers, wireless power, and medical monitoring and diagnostic equipment. Allan is fluent in Verilog and numerous programming languages including C and various assembly languages.

Dennis Hunt, Sr. Embedded Software Engineer

Dennis has more than 30 years experience in software development, covering a broad range including full tool chain development, operating systems, digital communications, device drivers, and designing microcode for unique computer systems. For the past 15 years, he has been a consultant mainly providing software support for chip and board product development for numerous companies. Dennis has BS degrees in both Physics and Mathematics from Ohio University and has a patent #5095512 for image compression.